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MINDBODY One is a community for business owners and managers that use MINDBODY or Booker.


About Us

MINDBODY One is home to thousands of business owners and managers – just like you – around the world who use MINDBODY or Booker software.

You'll find a diverse group of peers, experts, and industry colleagues to collaborate with, including:

  • Other business owners and managers using MINDBODY or Booker
  • MINDBODY Certified Consultants
  • MINDBODY One Champions
  • MBU attendees & alumni

Our community is independently operated and includes MINDBODY and Booker staff only in designated groups. We are not currently able to provide technical support or answer MINDBODY or Booker account questions. 

Why You Should Join Us

Our free community lets you knowledge-share and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs to help you:

  • Make more money with marketing and retention tips
  • Work less through best practices and greater efficiency
  • Reduce stress with better self-care and mindful leadership
  • Stay inspired and come back to your “why”

All it takes to join is your MINDBODY or Booker Client ID and 5 minutes to set up your profile*! 

*We verify every member's status as a current MINDBODY or Booker customer to ensure the privacy and value of the community. It may take up to 24 hours for us to approve your request to join. If you were in a previous version of MINDBODY One (prior to Sept 15th, 2018), you will need to re-join this new platform. Your previous login will not work.

What Your Peers Have to Say

When you are a sole proprietor in a business, it can get lonely. One is like a trusted board of advisors, of people who actually walk the walk and talk the talk in your shoes every day. It’s a business lifesaver!  -Jennifer Pahl, Owner of Twist Yoga

A a business owner working 70 plus hours a week I get caught up in my work and get tunnel vision. It is so refreshing to talk with other people who share similar challenges and be able to share ideas and learn from others. The willingness to help each other succeed is collaborative and motivating.  -Jaimi Jansen, President, Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab

It can be lonely as a studio owner, especially if you live in a part of the country where you might not have peers to reach out to. For me, MINDBODY One is my place where I can feel comfortable to connect with other studio owners all across the world for ideas, insight or to just reach out to folks who just ‘get it’ when it comes to issues we are all challenged by. I’m hooked.  -Charmaine Swan, Owner, Spot Wellness

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